Ted Loukes

Inner Mysteries of Egypt and the Nile

Join Ancient Origins’ exclusive tour of Egypt’s sacred past in October 2023, visiting some of the country’s most important ancient sites including: Giza, Cairo, Saqqara, Luxor, El-Fayyum Oasis, Karnak, Edfu, Abydos, Dendera, Kom Ombo, the Valley of the Kings, Abu Simbel, and many more outstanding destinations in the land of the pharaohs! Enjoy unique special access to the enigmatic Sphinx monument and Great Pyramid during private visits..
Join us for an unforgettable experience, exploring the archaeology and history of Egypt.

Explore the mysteries of Egypt on an exclusive 15-day, 14-night tour in October 2023 hosted by Ted Loukes. Included two private visits to the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx. A local expert in Egyptian history and archaeology will also be accompanying the group.


Day 01

Day 01 October 13

Arrive in Egypt. Pick up at Cairo International Airport and transfer to Giza hotel. Orientation in evening. First night in 5* Giza hotel (Steigenberger Pyramids). Meals: D Overnight in Giza Steigenberger Pyramids Hotel – Pyramid view upgrade

Day 02

Day 02 October 14

In the morning travel by bus to the el Fayyum Oasis. Visit the Pyramid of Hawara, built for Amenemhet III, and also the site of the fabled Egyptian Labyrinth, one of the most mysterious constructions of the ancient world finished by Amenemhet IV’s successor, Egypt’s fabled first female king, Sobekneferu. Lunchtime at hotel. Free afternoon with lecture on the next day’s visit to Qasr el-Sagha temple. First night in el-Fayyum Meals: B L D Overnight in Helnan Auberge Fayoum Hotel

Day 03

Day 03 October 15

Journey by 4 x 4 vehicles north of the great Lake Birket Quran (the Lake Moeris of classical times) and arrive at the Qasr el Sagha temple. Made of polygonal blocks and cyclopean masonry, this mysterious megalithic structure is one of the remaining enigmas of ancient Egypt. We spend the entire day investigating the temple and the surrounding area looking for clues as to who built it, when and why. Experience the evening at the temple site before returning to the hotel. Second night in el-Fayyum. Meals: B L D Overnight in Helnan Auberge Fayoum Hotel

Day 04

Day 4 – October 16

In the morning leave el-Fayyum for Saqqara. See the enigmatic Serapeum, a labyrinth of underground catacombs housing gigantic sarcophagi said to have once contained the mummified remains of sacred Apis bulls. See evidence of the advanced technology used in the construction of these massive granite sarcophagi. Visit the Pyramid of Teti to see the Pyramid Texts recording the journey of the soul of the pharaoh to the afterlife and visit the Heb-sed court in front the Step Pyramid, built for the pharaoh Djoser around 2675 BCE. Journey on to Giza. Second night at Giza. Meals: B L D Overnight in Giza Steigenberger Pyramids Hotel – Pyramid view upgrade.

Day 05

Day 5 – October 17

Private visit to the Sphinx enclosure to watch the sunrise between 5-7am. The Sphinx is one of the most iconic monuments in the world. It is the head of a pharaoh and the body of a lion, thought to represent Khafre, the builder of the Second Pyramid circa 2550 BCE. Afterwards view the exterior of the Great Pyramid, the panorama view, and the Valley Temple of Khafre. Private visit to the Great Pyramid at night. Third night at Giza. Meals: B L D Overnight in Giza Steigenberger Pyramids Hotel – Pyramid view upgrade

Day 06

Day 6 – October 18

Visit the Grand Egyptian Museum. Leave for Cairo Airport for a flight to Aswan. First night in Aswan. Note, the museum is not yet open but hopefully it will be by October 2023. In case the Grand Museum is not open, we will provide visits to the Egyptian Museum and the Museum of Civilization, including the Mummy Hall. Meals: B L D Overnight in Movenpick Hotel, Aswan Island - Nile View upgrade

Day 07

Day 7 – October 19

Drive by bus to Abu Simbel. On the way stop off to inspect a natural rock mesa on the edge of the Libyan Desert. Examine its geology and take in the ambience of the desert environment. In the afternoon visit the iconic rock-cut temple of Abu Simbel, built by Rameses II and moved to its current position during a mammoth engineering project following the building of the Nasser Dam in the 1960s. See also the rock-cut temple of his wife Nefertari. Second night in Aswan. Meals: B L D Overnight in Movenpick Hotel, Aswan Island - Nile View upgrade

Day 08

Day 8 – October 20

Visit the Temple of Philae dedicated to the Goddess Isis. Later, visit the gigantic unfinished granite obelisk still attached to the bedrock in a quarry. Examine the methods used to extract obelisks and statues from the living rock including the inexplicable scoop marks suggestive of the use of a lost technology. Felucca ride to Elephantine Island where you can see the ruins of the Khnum Temple. Free time in the evening for wandering in Aswan’s old markets. First night on Nile Cruise. Meals: B L D Overnight on 5* Nile Cruise Ship

Day 09

Day 9 – October 21

Sail north to Luxor. Disembark to visit the Temple of Sobek at Kom Ombo, built under the rule of the Ptolemaic kings circa 180–150 BC. Second night on Nile Cruise. Meals: B L D Overnight on 5* Nile Cruise Ship

Day 10

Day 10 – October 22

Continue on Nile Cruise. Disembark during the day to visit the magnificent temple of Horus at Edfu, built during the Ptolemaic period circa 175 BC. Its walls contain the most complete accounts of the creation of the world and the coming of the gods during the age of zep tepi, the First Time. See the temple’s holy of holies which includes a wooden barque on which Horus came down from heaven. Third night on Nile cruise. Meals: B L D Overnight on 5* Nile Cruise Ship

Day 11

Day 11 – October 23

Arrive in Luxor, ancient Thebes, the capital of Egypt in the south. Disembarkation, followed by a visit to Karnak Temple. Transfer to the hotel and check in for some rest. In the early evening visit the Temple of Luxor, illuminated by lights. Built during the New Kingdom period, 1575-1050 BCE, it marks the beginning of the newly reopened Sphinx Avenue, which has over 1000 sphinxes lining the ceremonial route to Karnak temple. First night in Luxor. Meals: B L D Overnight in Sonesta St George - Nile View upgrade

Day 12

Day 12 – October 24

Journey north by luxury bus to the Temple of Abydos, built for King Seti I around 1290-1279 BCE. See also the extraordinary ancient structure known as the Osireion, a subsurface temple located beyond the present temple and thought to be a symbolic representation of the Tomb of Osiris, god of the dead. See the building’s cyclopean masonry and polygonal walls similar to those of the Qasr el Sagha temple in the el-Fayyum Oasis and the Valley Temple of Khafre at Giza. Ponder on its immense age and unique construction. After lunch continue on to the Temple of Hathor at Dendera. Visit its underground crypts where strange reliefs indicate the use by ancient Egyptians of advanced technologies. Return to Luxor. Second night in Luxor. Meals: B L D Overnight in Sonesta St George - Nile View upgrade

Day 13

Day 13 – October 25

Cross the Nile by boat to the Theban West Bank, the ancient Egyptian realm of the dead. Visit the Valley of the Kings and see the Tomb of Tutankhamun as well as other tombs decorated with reliefs showing the books of the underworld. Also visit the Ramesseum with its astronomical ceiling and colossal statues of Rameses II, as well as the mortuary temple of Queen Hatshepsut. Stop off for photos at the Colossi of Memnon, gigantic statues of the pharaoh Amenhotep III dating to circa 1375 BCE. Third night in Luxor. Meals: B L D Overnight in Sonesta St George - Nile View upgrade

Day 14

Day 14 – October 26

Return to the West Bank to cover the rest of the important sightseeing which can’t be missed there, including Medinet Habu Temple, Deir Medina, and Howard Carter’s House. In the early evening fly back to Cairo, transfer to a hotel in the Le Meridien Cairo Airport. Meals: B L D Overnight in Le Meridien Cairo Airport.

Day 15

Day 15 – October 27

Cairo departure Final goodbyes and transfer to Cairo airport. Meals: B

ANCIENT ORIGINS TOUR OF EGYPT     October 13 – 27, 2023



Pick up point for the start of tour is the arrival lounge of Cairo International Airport. On arrival, all clients will be given transfers to the hotel in Cairo regardless of arrival time or date. At the end of the tour, clients will just make their own way from the hotel to the airport as it is connected to the building. They can then go at whatever time their flight is. Those who have late flights can always go back into the city if they want.

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October 13 – 27, 2023
Price per person based on double occupancy: $5995
Please note prices are based on a single person sharing a room with another tour guest
Single occupancy supplement: $945
A deposit of $1000 per person is required to secure immediate booking. The remainder of
the payment will be required ten weeks before the start date of the tour.

Any problems or queries contact  us here

* Travel with peace of mind, knowing that your payments are 100% financially protected in case any of our suppliers becomes insolvent, in which case you would receive a full refund.


  • Financial trust account protection for all clients
  • Public liability insurance
  • Arrival transfers for all clients
  • Accommodation: 14 nights in luxury hotels including daily breakfast:
  • Three nights in 5* hotel Giza (Steigenberger Pyramids – Pyramid view upgrade)
  • Two nights in 5* hotel el-Fayyum (Helnan Auberge Fayoum Hotel)
  • Two nights in 5* hotel Aswan (Movenpick, Aswan Island – Nile View upgrade)
  • Three nights full board on 5* Nile Cruise
  • Three nights in 5* hotel Luxor (Sonesta St George – Nile View upgrade)
  • One night in 5* hotel Le Meridien Cairo Airport.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner on all days (except arrival and departure)
  • Sundry tips (for local porters, local reps, etc.)
  • Professional local tour guide/escort
  • Tour leader
  • Private visits to the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx Enclosure
  • Domestic flights (Cairo – Aswan; Luxor-Cairo)
  • All sightseeing tours as per itinerary
  • All entrance fees as per itinerary
  • All transportation, including 4×4 vehicles for el-Fayyum Oasis expedition
  • Transfers at arrival and departure at all Egyptian airports (for domestic flights)
  • Entry to King Tutankhamun’s Tomb in the Valley of the Kings
  • All service charges and taxes


  • International flights
  • Entry visa for Egypt ($25 on arrival)
  • Travel insurance (mandatory)
  • Bottled mineral water (discouraging plastic waste)
  • Laundry
  • Personal items
  • Drinks during meals
  • Tips for the local tour escort

Final choice of accommodation is subject to change. We will choose hotels of a similar standard where hotel shown is not used.

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