Ted Loukes is an  
independent researcher in  
the field of ancient  
civilisations. He has been  
on a voyage of discovery  
for over forty years,  
questioning man's origins  
by digging through  
ancient texts, inscriptions,  
myths and legends. His  
particular fascination with  
Ancient Egypt began in  
1972 with a visit to the  
Treasures of  
Tutankhamun exhibition,  
held at the British  
KV62 Tomb of Tutankhamun
WV25 Western Valley
Valley of the Queens
KV62 Tomb of Tutankhamun
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His passion for Egypt has culminated in the creation of GnT Tours, running small private tours to the Tombs and Temples of the sprawling necropolis on the West Bank, Luxor, burial place of many of the kings and queens from Egypt's New Kingdom, including Tutankhamun and Rameses the Great.